Bapco Spain:
C/Mendibile 10 bis- Dpto B
48940 Leioa
Bizkaia - SPAIN
Phone: +34 94 480 71 70
Fax: +34 94 480 71 54
Bapco China:
25D Tower 3, Gateway Plaza, Nº2601
Xie Tu Road
Shanghai, P.R. CHINA 200030
Tel: + 86 21 64311583
Fax: +86 21 64311572

BAPCO (Basque Paper Consortium, A.I.E.) is a Consortium integrated by four well-known companies located in Spain, all of them paper machinery manufacturers providing a complete product range of equipment for papermaking process, from the woodyard to paper finishing.

These four companies are Straw Pulping Engineering S.L, a company specialized in non wood cellulose materials technology and effluent treatments for the paper production; Emusi, dedicated to the construction and repair of paper machinery; Gorostidi, one of the most experienced manufactures of paper machine in Europe; and Mondragon Sistemas, specialized in the activities related to automation.

These companies decided to create Bapco joining their efforts in order to respond to the increasing demand of optimization, modernization and rebuilds of pulp, paper and board machines, opening their markets to new countries, with special interest in the Asia-Pacific area.

Bapco offers a broad experience in supplying equipment both in Europe and in South America, specially in the rebuilds of corrugated board machines.

The main advantages of Bapco could be resumed as follows:

1. Special financing.
2. Co-operation in star-up's.
3. Personal training.
4. Reducing energy and production costs per Ton.
5. Specialization in medium size paper mills.
6. Complete offer and total solutions custom made.
7. Adapting technology to any speed, wide and needs.
8. Broad experience in mills optimization.
9. Great capacity to quick respond.
10. Extensive manufacturing facilities.