Gorostidi S.A., based in Tolosa, has been related to the paper industry from the very beginning. Established in 1.915, nowadays is among the leading machine builder in Spain. Continuous development, supported by customer's co-operation enables Gorostidi, S.A. to offer turnkey projects in international markets. Experienced technical staff and production facilities allow the builder of paper and board machines of high technological level and proved performance.

Gorostidi S.A., is a medium sized company, offering to the customer flexibility, short delivery time and economy in the realisation of the projects.

Technological experience and capacity gives way to supply to the customer quality, pay-back and guarantee, starting from the desing and manufacture to the start-up of equipment.

Gorostidi, S.A. supplies machinery to domestic and foreign markets, having representation works in France, Portugal, Belgium, United Kingdom, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia and USA.

The Gorostidi S.A. works are established in Tolosa, an industrial area related tradicionally to the paper making industry.

The region maintains good connections by road and sea(Bilbao,Pasajes) and has several close airports like Bilbao, San Sebastian, Vitoria and Biarritz.

The recognized reputation of Gorostidi, S.A. as a paper machine manufacturer is supported by a team of managers, engineers and technicians, qualified in all the essential areas. Mindful of the customer's requirement the sales and technical team, together with the representatives of the differents countries, is providing technical assistance and advice for modernisation, production increase and quality improvement.

In competition with the leading companies in the industry, Gorostidy, S.A. plans and implements complete projects of advanced technology. From engineering, fabrication, installation and commissioning, the staff of Gorostidi makes every effort to supply to the customer quality, guarantee and efficiency of the equipment.

In the area of design Gorostidi S.A. has the most up-dated facilities for CAD systems.













22 years ago, MONDRAGON SISTEMAS started in a geographical environment of strong industrial production, and immediately positioned itself in the activities related to automation.
The Strategic Business Units in which MONDRAGON SISTEMAS is present are Automation, Control and Industrial Informatics: improvement of existing processes, elaboration of new processes, with a constant goal of reduction of cycle time and/or costs in all the undertaken projects.
MES, with Tracelia®, Manufacturing Execution System software, integrating production follow-up, warehouse automation, product traceability, systems for evaluation and automatic tests of quality. Telecommunications and Security, with an offer of systems of control and monitoring of production, security and private networks, for industrial and transportation installations.





























Emua was founded in 1940 as a company for construction and repair of paper machinery. Since then, Emusi (formerly Emua) has developed and supplied a wide range of pulp and paper machinery, from debarking of logs to paper finishing. From 1979 to 1988 Emua was one of the most active licensees of Valmet, and a key contributor to the development of some Valmet technologies, pioneering some of the most important developments. Emua operates in a two workshop facility with a total of 12.000 m2.







SPE, although it was founded in 2000, comprises and develops 40 years experience in paper pulp production with non wood cellulose materials technology, and the treatment of the effluents corresponding to the production of paper using the pulps in different proportions.

In addition, SPE is in possession of world-wide scope licences of leading technologies in pulp production with the mentioned raw materials and with secondary fibres . Furthermore, has exclusive representations of equipments for pulp production, and has its own registered technology. Besides, SPE has signed collaboration agreements with workshops able to built with absolute warranties any kind of machine or element part of the SPE projects.